Silicone gaskets are resistant to UV, ozone, water, and corrosion, and they provide excellent performance across a wide range of temperatures. These flexible, durable, and resistant sealing solutions deliver various benefits that make them ideal for use in several industries and applications.

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Benefits of Silicone Gaskets

Silicone gaskets provide the following advantages:


  • Thermal stability. Silicone gaskets can withstand temperatures between -40 and 230° C. They remain flexible at both low and high temperatures without becoming brittle or losing their shape and durability.
  • FDA approved. Silicone is an FDA-approved material, meaning silicone gaskets can be used in industries such as food processing, healthcare, medical, and others that require non-toxic materials.
  • Environmental resistance. High-temperature silicone gaskets are flame-retardant for use in high-heat applications like telecommunications and mass transportation. They are ideal for outdoor applications due to their resistance to water, UV, ozone, and various temperatures. Silicone gaskets can also hold up to various chemicals, including solvents, oil, acids, bases, and more.
  • Durability. Due to its resistive properties, silicone offers excellent durability. This makes them a cost-effective option because they can last a long time without showing wear or requiring maintenance.
  • Electrically conductive. Silicone gaskets conduct electricity, allowing them to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for electrical components.

Applications of Silicone Gaskets

Various applications rely on silicone gaskets to prevent fluid leakage. These include:


Food Processing

The food industry depends on FDA or food-grade silicone gaskets for various processing applications to ensure compliance with health and safety standards. Silicone is a popular choice in this industry due to its excellent sealing properties and high temperature rating. Various food processing machines and equipment rely on silicone gaskets, such as cake mixers and dough mixers in industrial bakeries.


Oil & Gas

Silicone gaskets resist oils, fuels, and a range of chemicals. The oil and gas industry depends on silicone materials like fluorosilicone gaskets to withstand extreme temperatures and seal oil, fuel, and coolant. Fluorosilicone resists wear and abrasion, making it suitable for static and dynamic sealing applications.



The aerospace industry relies on silicone gaskets to seal aircraft and space shuttle components, such as engine parts, vent ducts, door and window seals, and more. Aircraft equipment must not fail during operation, and silicone gaskets deliver the reliability necessary for the harsh conditions aircraft components face. Silicone gaskets resist ozone, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, making them preferred for aircraft.



The strength, durability, and stability of silicone rubber gaskets make them ideal for industrial, commercial, and consumer vehicles as well as buses, trains, and heavy machinery. Silicone gaskets can dampen vibration and seal out external factors, providing a high-performance seal for radiators, HVAC components, interior doors, and electrical enclosures.


Medical & Healthcare

Silicone gaskets are ideal for medical and healthcare applications. The material resists the growth of bacteria and repels moisture, making it suitable for sealing medical equipment and prosthetics. Silicone is biologically inert and non-toxic, and its thermal stability means it can be sterilized and stored at high temperatures. Silicone gaskets also pass biocompatibility testing, meaning they can be used in various medical devices that come into contact with human skin.



Building and construction applications rely on silicone gaskets to seal doors, windows, and electrical equipment enclosures. Silicone is ideal for providing a watertight seal, and it is perfect for various outdoor construction applications due to its ability to withstand UV rays, weather, ozone, and various temperatures.



Silicone gaskets are suitable for a variety of electronic devices and equipment. They can keep water from entering the device and protect the components from heat, corrosion, and EMI.

Silicone Rubber Gaskets From Fournier Rubber & Supply Company

Silicone rubber gaskets offer a variety of benefits and provide a reliable seal for a wide range of applications. At Fournier Rubber & Supply Company, our superior rubber products have been satisfying customers for nearly 90 years. We offer a range of custom silicone gaskets for every application. Contact us to learn more about our silicone gasket solutions or request a quote today.

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