Rubber gaskets prevent contaminants from penetrating a closed system and keep internal fluids from escaping the system. They create a mechanical seal between the mating surface of two or more components. Gaskets can be made from various materials and in many shapes and sizes to deliver performance in a range of applications.

Fournier Rubber & Supply Company is an industry leader in manufacturing custom rubber gaskets, including EPDM rubber gaskets. We have been serving various industries with high-quality rubber products from our locations in Columbus and Cincinnati, OH for over 85 years. Rubber gaskets made from EPDM provide a range of benefits and are suitable for various
applications and industries.

Properties & Benefits of EPDM

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is known for its durability, stability under high temperatures, and resistance to UV rays. It has a higher tensile strength than other materials like silicone and has excellent color stability. EPDM is a preferred material for high-performance gaskets.

EPDM rubber gaskets remain waterproof in harsh environments and maintain flexibility at low temperatures. EPDM gaskets also resist ozone, wear, and aging. Many applications rely on EPDM rubber gaskets due to their remarkable properties.

Applications of EPDM Gaskets

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EPDM gaskets are a cost-effective solution for creating a water-tight seal in a variety of applications. Their wear resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, and various other beneficial properties make them suitable for both standard and heavy-duty operations. For example, these gaskets are preferable for electrical applications due to their electrical insulation and abrasion

Other applications and industries that benefit from EPDM gaskets include:

  • Electrical
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Appliances
  • Outdoors

Fournier Rubber & Supply Company manufactures high-performance rubber gaskets for various industries using precise and replicable manufacturing processes.

EPDM Gasket Manufacturing Process

rubber gasketsThere are several methods used to manufacture EPDM gaskets, two of which include die-cutting and hand-cutting. These methods are precise and capable of meeting tight tolerances; however, each one is better suited for different application requirements.

  • Die-cutting. Die-cutting is ideal for small to large production runs of gaskets. It offers exact precision at affordable prices and can be custom-made to meet a range of application requirements.
  • Hand-cutting. Hand-cutting is an ideal method of creating small specialized batches of EPDM gaskets. It allows manufacturers to create a highly customized gasket for specialty applications. It can also be vital to creating prototype gaskets, allowing manufacturers to test the design before committing to a large production run.

We also offer strip cutting as well as extrusion/molding capabilities for high quantities of custom gaskets. Fournier Rubber & Supply Company will help you find the ideal EPDM gasket manufacturing solution for your application and production volume needs.

Fournier Rubber & Supply Company EPDM Rubber Gasket Solutions

EPDM is a preferred material for gasket manufacturing, as it offers cost-effectiveness, durability, and flexibility at low temperatures as well as resistance to heat, UV rays, water, chemicals, and aging. Various applications from aerospace components to home appliances rely on EPDM gaskets for reliable, long-lasting performance.

At Fournier Rubber & Supply Company, we offer EPDM gasket manufacturing using die-cutting, hand-cutting, and various other methods to meet the needs of many applications. Contact us to learn more about our rubber gasket solutions, or request a quote today.