Certain types of materials make gaskets food grade, with different applications for each material. At Fournier Rubber & Supply Company, we offer a selection of food-grade gasket material options based on our customers’ needs. We’ll help you find what you need to meet your unique specifications and design a custom gasket for your application.

When looking for custom food-grade rubber gaskets, you must take certain considerations into account.

What Makes a Gasket Food Grade/Food Safe?

Food-grade gaskets feature several characteristics that make them suitable for food processing and other applications in the food and beverage industry. These factors include:

  • The ability to withstand high pressures: A food-grade gasket will be able to resist high-pressure levels in food processing, packaging, and other processes.
  • A wide temperature tolerance: Gaskets must also be able to resist high and low temperatures, with many materials available that meet various temperature resistance requirements. Materials such as nitrile, Neoprene, and EPDM rubber offer wide temperature tolerances for different applications.
  • Resistance to degradation and bacterial growth: Gasket materials must be highly resistant to acids, oils, and chemicals that might otherwise degrade the gasket material or allow for the buildup of bacteria.
  • No impact on food quality or safety: The combined features of food-grade gaskets ensure that their use won’t have any negative impact on the quality or safety of food products. 

Food Grade Gasket Materials & Properties

Depending on the designated application, businesses can choose from multiple food-grade gasket materials that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for food and beverage processes. 

These materials include the following:

FDA Silicone Rubber

This FDA-approved food-grade gasket material offers plenty of versatility to work with various applications. It normally has a white, gray, red, or translucent color and can resist temperatures between -67° F and 450° F, which is why it’s ideal for use in applications with high heat. It’s also suitable for outdoor applications because of silicone’s natural resistance to ozone and ultraviolet light.

FDA Nitrile (Buna-N) Rubber

If you require a material that’s resistant to oil, FDA nitrile rubber works well regardless of exposure to oil or grease. It typically comes in white or black and can hold up to temperatures between -40° F and 212° F. It can also handle discharge and suction for food and dairy applications.


EPDM rubber’s resistance to ultraviolet light and wear protects gaskets from degradation under exposure to the elements. This feature makes it suitable for grain silos and other outdoor food production applications. It’s black in color and resistant to temperatures between -40° F and 250° F. It’s also highly resistant to oil.

FDA Neoprene® Rubber

This off-white rubber prevents gaskets from breaking down under exposure to various foods and oils. It’s particularly popular in the food and beverage industry because of its FDA-approved composition and tensile strength, with a temperature resistance ranging from -30° F to 220° F. 


Are silicone gaskets food safe?

Silicone gaskets work in many food processing and packaging applications because of their food-safe features. Silicone has high-temperature resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, and water repellence. It’s also resistant to aging, ozonation, and weathering.

How do food-grade gaskets work?

Food-grade gaskets use food-safe materials that prevent contamination during any type of process in food and beverage production. Unlike other gaskets, they offer superior sterility and flexibility.

What are food-grade gaskets?

Once the FDA approves and rates gasket materials, gaskets composed of these materials are considered food-grade products. Although the FDA doesn’t approve gaskets, gaskets using these materials and FDA-approved manufacturing processes remain compliant with FDA regulations.

Why Choose Fournier Rubber & Supply Company for Food-Grade Gaskets?

If you need food-grade gasket materials and custom gaskets for food and beverage applications, Fournier Rubber & Supply Company will provide you with the ideal solutions. Depending on the needs of your application, we offer custom gaskets made with either silicone rubber or EPDM rubber materials.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and reach out with any questions you have, or request a quote to get started on a custom food-grade gasket design.

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