Our Story

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Fournier Rubber & Supply Company was founded in 1933 by a husband and wife team, Lee and Nell Fournier. In the very next year, the company faced the unexpected loss of Mr. Lee Fournier when he was rushed to the hospital with an appendicitis attack and did not survive the operation. With the company still in its infancy and the death of Mr. Lee Fournier in 1934, Mrs. Fournier took over and served as President of the company. Despite the odds, the company did not only survive but flourished as a leader in the fabrication of gaskets and custom rubber and plastic products for industry.

Nell Fournier did not face the challenges of running this company alone. She had surrounded herself with experienced businessmen each, in turn, becoming her successors. Fred Schroeder had joined the company in 1934 and became the next President upon the death of Mrs. Fournier in the late 1950’s. He served as President until his retirement in 1974, naming Mr. Harold McCray as his successor. Mr. McCray also continued to serve as President until his retirement in 1979, when he named Mr. Dennis K. Davidson as the next President of the company.

Mr. Davidson, who is known as Denny, also has a long history with Fournier Rubber & Supply Co. He started his career here in 1961, only 19 years old and hired on to work in the warehouse with shipping and receiving. Then throughout the 60’s and 70’s while starting a family and going to college at night he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business from Franklin University in 1972. Throughout the years Denny held many different offices within the company, striving hard to climb the proverbial “Ladder of Success”. His hard work had paid off when he was appointed President and CEO in 1979, and then later becoming the owner in 1985.

Denny Davidson, whose longevity as President and CEO has exceeded much longer than his predecessors, has taken Fournier Rubber & Supply Co. from a one location industrial rubber manufacturing and distributing company, located in Columbus, to a dual location company by expanding with a second location in Cincinnati Oh in 1986 which allowed us to broaden our service State wide and in neighboring states. Then with the help of the digital revolution Denny had continued to mold Fournier Rubber into a competitive business with customers throughout the United States. And now after 4 decades of leading this company he has also transformed it into a company that expands even globally.

Fournier Rubber & Supply Co. is not stopping the changes made throughout the company’s history that have allowed our company to withstand the challenges over time and to keep up with the ever-changing society, economy, and technology in which we live. These changes have enabled us to remain a dependable business for your industrial rubber needs for more than 80 years. After serving the company for 57 years Mr. Davidson has decided to pass the responsibilities of running the company to the next generation and he named, Julie (Davidson) Andy as the new President and CEO in October 2018.

Julie has been employed by Fournier Rubber since 1992 serving mainly in finance and computer technology. However, there has never been a day in her life that Fournier Rubber was not a part of it. After a brief year of teaching, using her Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, she realized that Fournier was not just a job but a home. Returning to school to focus on business, Julie earned her Master’s in Business Administration in August of 2016 from Franklin University. Now Fournier is eager to embrace the future changes needed to stay competitive in this ever-evolving industry. We are working towards using more technology to reach our customers, including avenues such as the cloud, social media, and mobile-friendly connections. Whatever we can do to make it easier for our customers to do business with us.

Our Mission

To serve our customers with quality products at a fair price, in a manner that makes it easier for the customer to do business with us than with any other company.


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