Rubber parts are essential in the agricultural industry, serving a wide range of applications including gaskets, sealing rings, complete products, conveyor belts, and more. Rubber is a widely used material because it’s durable, can dampen vibration, and resists degradation in harsh environments. This is critical in agricultural contexts, where equipment and goods face extreme environmental conditions and chemical exposure during production, agitation during processing, and other adverse or dynamic conditions. Learn more about some of the most vital rubber components used throughout agricultural applications.

Custom Gaskets for Agriculture

Gaskets are rubber components that create a tight seal between matching faces to ensure fluids can’t leak in or out of the connection point. They can be found in the following applications: 

  • Pumps
  • Machinery
  • Vehicle engines
  • Fluid transport systems
  • Irrigation

Both standard and custom gaskets play a critical role throughout the industry. At Fournier Rubber & Supply Co., we specialize in designing and developing custom gaskets that fit a wide range of equipment on farms, in factories, and everywhere in between.

To perform at their best in extreme conditions, gaskets need to be made from the right materials. High-quality rubber can withstand chemical exposure, fluctuating temperatures due to weather or factory processing, moisture, and more.

Hose Assemblies for Agriculture

Hose assemblies are just as varied and essential in agricultural industrial contexts as gaskets. Well-constructed hose assemblies facilitate the movement of liquid and gas fluids from one point to another in a closed system. For example, processed corn syrup may pass through a hose assembly during processing, fertilizers might pass through a hose assembly during distribution across a large farm complex, and water will move through hose assemblies for irrigation. Even farming equipment relies on hose assemblies within the machinery that can reliably transfer engine fluids, water to spray nozzles for mobile irrigation, and more. 

However, farmers and agricultural processing centers need to be able to rely on the long-term durability and performance of these hose assemblies to contain the fluids without the risk of either contamination or leakage. At Fournier Rubber & Supply Co, we custom-build each hose assembly to meet the unique needs of our clients’ projects. The assemblies can be composed of a wide range of different rubbers with different characteristics, and the hoses can be of different lengths and diameters. We also offer a wide range of different fittings for integration with different equipment systems. We specialize in hydraulic hose assemblies that are built with high-quality materials and techniques. For additional support, our team includes technicians that can help you select and install the right hose assembly for specific applications.

Sealing Rings and O-Rings for Agriculture

Sealing rings and o-rings provide a similar function to gaskets — they seal the space between two connecting surfaces to eliminate the risk of a fluid leak out of a closed system or contaminants entering a closed container. Machinery, engines, harvesting equipment, irrigation systems and valves, fertilizer pumps, and processing systems all use rubber sealing rings and o-rings to stay secure. 

Turn to Fournier Rubber & Supply Co. for standard and custom sealing rings or o-rings that come in the right size, thickness, material, and other product specifications for your equipment. Our team can help you find the right product or begin the design and development process for custom-fabricated rings.

Rubber Sheets for Agriculture

Many of the above rubber components are manufactured from rubber sheets. These materials are easy to work with a versatile enough to meet the needs of a wide range of different agricultural parts. Rubber sheets are durable, can reduce vibration transfer or noise, withstand wear and tear, and can act as insulation. Along with use as gaskets, hoses, and o-rings, rubber sheets can line containers for storing crops or fertilizers, act as comfortable and hygienic flooring for livestock, and even line ponds to prevent chemical contamination.

Working with a supplier and manufacturer you can trust is essential for receiving high-quality rubber goods that you can rely on to provide long-lasting performance. At Fournier Rubber & Supply Co., we supply our clients with high-quality EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, and other rubber farmer products that meet or exceed the requirements for rubber used in agricultural contexts.

Discover the Fournier Rubber & Supply Co. Advantage

Rubber is used in virtually every facet of the agricultural industry, from the hoses in irrigation systems and the flooring for livestock areas to tanks and tubes for processed goods. When you work with Fournier Rubber & Supply Co. to create custom rubber goods, you receive reliable rubber parts and the expertise of our years of experience serving agricultural organizations. We’re committed to providing excellent services with every order. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote to start your order.