What Are Medical Grade Gaskets and How Do They Work?

Unlike standard gaskets, medical-grade gaskets are specially designed for safe, effective performance in medical applications. Fournier Rubber & Supply Company manufactures custom gaskets for medical purposes. Having long served this market with gaskets and other manufactured goods, we are knowledgeable about the needs of end users and provide solid sealing solutions that can meet strict industry standards.

Here you’ll learn more about these custom medical device seals, including their benefits and applications.

What Are Medical Grade Gaskets?

Mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and sanitary sealing capabilities are all crucial considerations in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. Medical device seals and gaskets can offer protection against fluids, contaminants, electromagnetic interference, and dust. These rubber and plastic components can also resist heat, flame, electrostatic discharge, and electrical conductivity.

When selecting medical-grade seals, consider hardware requirements, temperature, pressure, motion, vacuum, seal life expectations, and your specific process media. The medical rubber grades offered by Fournier Rubber & Supply Company are designed to provide sealing that can endure a variety of process media, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and rigorous cleaning procedures.

Because medical-grade gaskets are now exposed to a broader range of chemicals and temperatures than ever, it is critical to select a seal manufacturer that meets stringent specifications.

Applications of Medical Grade Gaskets

Medical seals are used in almost every type of medical equipment, such as medical pumps, IV components, implant materials, feeding devices, lab equipment, transportation systems, industrial storage, and temperature control devices.

Available in different sizes and shapes, these seals are designed to protect both humans and devices from potentially harmful leakage. Wherever gases or liquids are pumped, drained, transported, contained, or distributed, medical seals keep these process media contained.

We provide medical gaskets for applications such as:

  • O-rings for dialyzers
  • Medical appliance seals
  • Medical diagnostic components
  • Medical pump seals
  • Miniature elastomer seals

Benefits of Using Medical Grade Gaskets

Medical-grade gaskets are primarily made of silicone, a compound that is resistant to bacterial growth and moisture. Silicone is non-toxic and biologically inert, and its thermal resilience allows it to be sterilized and stored at high temperatures. The material is also biocompatible, indicating that it can be utilized in medical devices that make direct contact with human tissue. All these features make medical-grade silicone gaskets ideal for sealing and prosthetic applications. 

Our medical sealing solutions provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Versatility: Medical-grade gaskets can be easily integrated into various applications, including slow dynamic and static applications.
  • High and low temperature resistance: Silicone gaskets work effectively in both hot and cold environments.
  • Chemical resistance: Medical-grade rubber washers can withstand substances like alcohol, chemicals, and high-purity water.
  • Withstands multiple sterilization processes: Medical-grade silicone gaskets can undergo aggressive sterilization processes without breaking down or compromising the integrity of your medical device.
  • Cost-effective: Producing medical-grade gaskets is relatively inexpensive, so you can get high-performance, reliable gaskets at an affordable price.
  • Compliant with regulations: Medical-grade silicone gaskets meet stringent medical industry standards.
  • Customization: Our gaskets are available in materials designed especially for use in the life sciences. We can also tailor our custom medical-grade gaskets to meet your specific needs.

Medical Grade Gaskets and Seals at Fournier Rubber & Supply

Custom medical seals and gaskets are essential components in the medical devices people rely on daily to survive. Fournier Rubber & Supply Company manufactures standard and custom rubber products for nearly every application, including medical applications. Learn more about our rubber gasket products, including the materials we use, the markets we serve, and our capabilities. Contact us or request a quote to get started on your solution.

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